Below we outline several examples of how we work alongside our clients as partners to maximize their effectiveness and achieve their goals and objectives:

M&A Advisory – McKenna & Associates worked directly with a private company before, during and after the sale of their business to a large private equity group. Prior to the sale, we provided counsel to increase performance in the company’s internal processes and prepare the company and management for the highest level of due diligence by their ultimate partner. Once the reorganization and repositioning of the company was underway, we sourced and vetted potential buyers, aided in the negotiation stages and ultimately managed the closing of the $63 Million deal.

Strategic Merger Consulting – We worked directly with our client, a Fortune 500 company, who was in the process of a merger with a foreign-based Fortune 500 company, to identify and recruit public policy experts, third-parties and industry allies who would be positively impacted by the merger and could express their approval through various mediums. Additionally, we worked directly with the company’s C Suite and M&A team to provide support for potential regulatory pitfalls.

Fortune 10 Company – McKenna & Associates was engaged with a Fortune 10 Company to divest non-core business assets and helped position a $1.6 Billion division of the company to obtain a multi-million dollar, multiyear contract.

Privately Held Company – After aiding in the successful fundraising of $220 Million in equity through various rounds of financing, McKenna & Associates was engaged to work directly alongside company management to position the company for future acquisitions and potential sale of the business.

High Net Worth Individuals – McKenna & Associates is currently working on behalf of several members of the Forbes 400, other noted high net worth individuals and their respective foundations in due diligence, political giving, major gift giving, investment and long term legacy goals.

Strategic Ally Development – Working with our client, a Fortune 500 Company, we identified a public policy and industry concern that was core to the company’s performance.  We found third-party allies who shared the same world view and were directly impacted by the policy issue in question.  After developing this sophisticated network of organizations, policy experts and affected constituencies, we provided a customized platform for each to share their stories and advocate for sound policy solutions that would create a positive impact.

Non-Profit Historical Society – McKenna & Associates worked closely with a prominent Washington, DC-based historical organization to identify partners for its renovation and preservation. These partners included corporations, foundations and high net worth individuals. We worked alongside the organization’s own in-house development staff and board of directors as a partner to execute the $52.6 million fundraising effort. McKenna & Associates played an integral part in securing funds, targeting and identifying board members, hosting strategic meetings, organizing events and tailoring programs specific to the interests of all entities.

Issue Advocacy Organization 501(c)4 / 501(c)3 – McKenna & Associates helped position a nationally recognized organization and raised over $100 million in 18 months. We enlisted strategically placed personnel, recruited members for the board of directors and helped build the structure of the organization by developing content and materials, crafting messaging and aiding in strategic planning.

Host Committee – McKenna & Associates was engaged by a non-profit Host Committee for a major event to lead the fundraising efforts to complete their $59 million budget in 18 months. Working closely with the Executive Committee and their leadership team, we were able to tap into a network of national and home state based Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals who had an intrinsic interest in the success of the event or were interested in marketing and branding opportunities.