Ms. Knapp joined McKenna & Associates in 2018. Katie helps oversee a portfolio of firm clients including a large, non-for-profit association, several pharmaceutical companies and a complex P3 transaction. Katie also helps manage a growing group of advisors and partners who work alongside the firm, implementing streamlined internal and external controls for reporting and execution.

Previously, Ms. Knapp was a Strategy and Customer Experience Consultant at Ernst & Young. While there, she worked with clients on their strategic and customer experience needs in various industries such as Power & Utilities, Healthcare and Health Insurance, Chemicals, and Telecommunications. Before moving to the Strategy and Customer Experience practice, Katie was a Financial Performance Improvement Consultant in the Government & Public Sector group for clients including the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.

Ms. Knapp graduated from The University of Georgia with an Economics and Business Administration degree from the undergraduate Terry College of Business. She was on a select committee within the UGA Miracle volunteer group and within the UGA Relay for Life volunteer group. She currently resides in Washington, D.C.