Lights bulbs -McKenna Capital Overview

McKenna Capital, a division of McKenna & Associates, LLC, invests and manages McKenna’s proprietary capital across asset classes. We identify investment opportunities through a holistic analytical framework that focuses on seven distinct criteria: (1) multiple avenues of growth, (2) competitiveness and economic moat; (3) industry tailwinds; (4) stewardship and alignment; (5) exit strategy; (6) valuation and minimum returns; and (7) direct ownership. We also work side-by-side with top tier investment managers, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals to further advance our investments.

Building upon and drawing from McKenna & Associates’ highly successful advisory business, McKenna Capital takes an active role in supporting the management teams of our portfolio companies to create value.

  • A communications tech company. As a lead investor and board member, we assisted a Series B portfolio company to resolve market non-compete dispute with an existing shareholder and large prime defense contractor, which allowed the portfolio company to scale and execute against its vision and business plan.
  • Tech startup. As a large shareholder and board member, we assisted a technology portfolio in its Series A capital raise, working collaboratively with management and other members of the board to define a business plan, prepare investor materials, and both devise a strategy and raise capital.
  • Insurance company. As a minority shareholder, we advised and counseled the management team of a disruptive insurance growth company regarding capital formation strategies at the height of the COVID pandemic crisis, exploring options such as equity funding, debt financing, and going public (including SPAC opportunities).
  • Publicly traded energy company. As a major shareholder, we assisted and advised an energy company in its transition to renewable energy while developing its federal government engagement strategy.