Lights bulbs -McKenna Capital Overview

McKenna Capital, a division of McKenna & Associates, LLC, is sector agnostic as we invest and manage our proprietary capital across various asset classes. We identify investment opportunities through a holistic analytical framework that focuses on seven distinct criteria:

  1. a clearly articulated vision or thesis;
  2. leadership and governance;
  3. multiple avenues of growth;
  4. competitiveness and economic moat;
  5. industry tailwinds;
  6. valuation and minimum returns; and
  7. direct ownership.

We also work side-by-side with top-tier investment managers, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals to further advance our investment strategies.

Building upon and drawing from McKenna & Associates’ highly successful advisory practice, McKenna Capital takes an active role in supporting the management teams of our portfolio companies to create value. Recent investments include:

  • Spintech Holdings: Led $4M Series B round to support the development of Spintech’s Hawthorn Composites division. Hawthorn Composites exceeded revenue expectations in both 2021 and 2022 and is poised for significant growth fueled by the success of its aerospace and defense customers in selling high volumes of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA), Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs), Electric Vertical Take-off & Landing Vehicles (eVTOLs), and helicopters, among others.
  • Virtualitics: Made follow on investment in Virtualitics’ $37M Series C round to support the Company’s continued growth and expansion with both DoD and commercial momentum.