Our Focus

strategic advising

Strategic Advisory

The main stay of our consulting business is to provide our clients with first-in-class strategic advisory and management consulting to address their largest problems. We develop and assist in executing creative ideas to solve for the most pressing C-suite matters often “bet the company” situations. The creativity comes from combining a range of inter-related perspectives from those of strategy firms to investment banks.

Management Consulting

The firm aligns with C-Suite goals and objectives to provide experienced guidance and actionable recommendations.

Proven Leadership

Our experienced team consistently delivers results on complex engagements focused on client needs.

Expansive Network

We have built an robust matrix of advisors, issue experts and professionals to quickly leverage for the benefit of our clients.

Special Situations

Our firm has a track record of working directly with our client’s senior management team to address unique and challenging situations that are out of the normal course of business. We create highly specialized action plans that provide optionality to our clients and allow them to make informed decisions.

special situations
firm investments

Firm Investments

As a firm we are always looking for proven leadership teams and creative ways to deploy capital. We are agnostic of sector and focus on management teams, track record, market opportunities and growth potential, with an investment thesis that fits with our firm ethos.

We are active investors, working directly with investment management and directors to identify new business opportunities,

We also sit on advisory board and/or board of directors with our portfolio companies when there is a strategic value to be capitalized upon.

When possible, we like to invest in or along side our clients and partner base, we believe that this brings alignment and ensures dedication while “eating our own cooking,” so to speak.

McKenna Network

Through the firm’s extensive history, we have built an expansive network that has reach into nearly every sector of industry, finance, government, military, regulatory, media and more. While we don’t know everyone, we do have access to many of the best minds in all of these areas and can expeditiously gain a detailed view on a busines challenge or opportunity, an investment, regulatory issue, or special situation and have a high-level of fidelity in actionable intelligence, analysis or solutions as fit each unique challenge. Our network includes C-Suite executives, leading financial experts, high-net-worth individuals, associations, think tanks and non-profits, researchers, writers, analysts, and legal experts

McKenna Advisory Value-Add

McKenna joins the Executive Leadership inner circle to solve ‘bet the company’ matters. Matters often entangled by complex competitor(s), regulatory, policy, capital and timing dependent conditions Driven by the severity of outcomes, McKenna advises on the recommended state of play to…

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McKenna advisory is tailored, innovative and sets a strategic course.
  • McKenna does not directly provide public relations services. In addition, McKenna is not a lobbyist and does not engage in any activities that would cause McKenna to register as a lobbyist.
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